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Happy New Year!

I can’t believe December and most of January went by so quickly!  Blizzards, operas, concerts, work… not enough clay time.

Had enough time to get the sample pack of the new Amaco Potters Choice colors, and the first half first test pieces are out of the kiln, along with some other ones…

Here’s the test pieces – I can see my problem will be picking which glazes I want to keep in stock (don’t yet have room for every glaze I like). Click through for descriptions and larger pictures.

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March Goodies

It’s been quiet for a while – probably because the weather has been miserable.  Anyhow, here’s the latest batch of goodies from the kiln.  For some reason, the blue rutile sems to go on thin, so it’s more highly varegated than many of the loads, with more of the brown ndertone coming out.  As you can see, all the pieces are pretty big – I was concentrating on the larger mugs & tygs .

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Happy New Year, everyone!

Well, it’s been a nice start to a new year.  Had fun at the Day of Dance in Bright Hills – and had some fresh pieces for it, but didn’t get around to posting them here.   So, this is sort of the January summary.    One side effect of the Day of Dance trip was that Megan traded me making a three-handled Tyg to an armorer who’s going to polish up her brother’s old helmet.   Nice to have a challenge.  So, you’ll see a batch of Tygs based off a 1568  Flemish painting (The Peasant Wedding,   Pieter Brueghel the Elder)  and one based off a UK example of about the same time period.

That, and I got the mugs made for our friends on the cruise next month.   Couple more pieces will probably show in the next post – I missed photographing a couple of mugs and a yarn bowl.

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Welcome to the redesigned Moose & Sheep!

Geek that I am at heart, and since the bisque kiln is still way too hot to open, I figured it’s time to update the moose and sheep website yet again.  Converting it to a WordPress blog format, and probably (I hope) add a shopping cart .

Things are busy around the house right now – we’ve converted the basement into a fiber studio for Megan, which will eventually lead to more room for Bruce’s pottery projects.   It’s also event season, and Saturday we’re off to the Holiday Faire event in Manassas, VA.    The first weekend in December is the Glen Echo Potters’ annual sale at the Lab School in Washington DC, and Bruce will be one of about 50 potters participating (and may be doing demos if not manning the cash desk).