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2012 Off to a slow start…

Been a bit busy with things other than pottery, so haven’t been making and firing much so far.  This is the first kiln load of the year. Not sure what’s up with the textured glazes this run – came out more textured than normal, but I think that they’re very interesting.

Went to the North Carolina Potters Conference earlier this month and was inspired to do some different techniques – throwing the mugs as an open cylinder and adding a slab at the bottom later, which allowed me to do some fancy feet on them – I rather like the effect.  To get the pointy feet, I carved semi-circles out of the bottom of the cylinder at three or four points and squeezed the corners together to make the point, then laid the slab over the (now curvy) bottom.

Let me know what y’all think!  (Sorry if some of them are sideways – looks like my auto-rotate function on upload isn’t working)

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