Moose and Sheep are two hobby crafters whose hobbies have taken over the house.  You’d think two people living in a 6 bedroom house would have space, but nooo…  not with one fiber/sewing hobby and one pottery hobby.  So we make stuff.  Megan is the fiber guru, and spins, weaves, sews, knits, crochets and basically scares fibers for a 20 mile radius.  Bruce is the mud-slinging pyromaniac, making useful (well, mostly useful) things out of all four classic elements – earth (clay), air, fire & water.  The output of the kiln tends to be a bit difficult to squash down for storage, so the house is overrun with pottery.  Firing in both reduction kilns (at Glen Echo Pottery for gas, and various wood kilns when I get a chance) and my electric oxidation kiln,  there’s some nice dishes in our house.  The cream of the crop are offered for sale at various events (see the blog for details), along with fiber products from Megan.

We hope you enjoy this site – and if something strikes your fancy and you want to give it a new home. hope you’ll adopt one of our non-mobile offspring.


To contact us, please write to bruce@mooseandsheep.com


For some examples:

Blue Rutile Yarn Bowl


Hemlock Baby Blanket
Hemlock Baby Blanket
.960 Silver Pendant
Fog Yarn Bowl .960 Silver Pendant