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2012 Off to a slow start…

Been a bit busy with things other than pottery, so haven’t been making and firing much so far.  This is the first kiln load of the year. Not sure what’s up with the textured glazes this run – came out more textured than normal, but I think that they’re very interesting.

Went to the North Carolina Potters Conference earlier this month and was inspired to do some different techniques – throwing the mugs as an open cylinder and adding a slab at the bottom later, which allowed me to do some fancy feet on them – I rather like the effect.  To get the pointy feet, I carved semi-circles out of the bottom of the cylinder at three or four points and squeezed the corners together to make the point, then laid the slab over the (now curvy) bottom.

Let me know what y’all think!  (Sorry if some of them are sideways – looks like my auto-rotate function on upload isn’t working)

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June Firing

Where does the time go?  At least I had enough time to get a load through the kiln before the annual gathering trip this week. (Not to mention getting the requests out of the backlog).

As always, the pieces are all dishwasher, food and microwave safe.  No experimental colors this time – just the old standbys.  Megan is even starting to like the Randys Red – it has become a really fascinating textured color, and most reliable.   I also have a few pieces in bisque that will be getting fancier glaze treatments – but that’s for another week.

For my friends in Mensa (and the few enemies…)  we’ll see you at the Annual Gathering this weekend.  Megan will bring her shawls along as well as my 7 crates of goodies.

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More goodies

Been running around too much lately and not having enough time to make pottery. However, got a few pieces from recent firings to show off.

These and other pieces will be available next weekend, on May 8th, at the Clay Connection Spring Show, John Calvin Presbyterian Church, 6535 Columbia Pike, Annandale VA 22203 from 10-5. Drop by, and pick up some pottery for yourself, your mother, or someone nice! There’s going to be a lot of potters there, and you’re sure to find something that suits.

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A wonderful couple of weekends…

Had a blast the weekend before last, attending Mark Peters‘ workshop at Glen Echo Pottery.  Lots of new ideas to try out, and techniques to learn.  A few of them will be showing up here on the blog this post, too.  Strange, it’s nowhere near as easy as he makes it look….

This weekend was another mostly clay weekend.  (Well, I did take some time off to take my daughter to the National Philharmonic’s All Brahms concert, and help Megan shop for tech toys).  Spent most of the weekend working in the garage, and have a nice load of pieces to show for it.  Also, got some pieces back from Glen Echo Pottery’s kiln – and they all came out gorgeous.

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Wild mud weekend…

Been having fun for the last couple of weeks throwing, so have enough for two full firings this weekend.  And since I have to be around anyways, made enough for another firing.   The Pallisades Art show was a lot of fun (a couple of weeks back – I’m tardy on updates), and Megan had a LOT of interest in her weaving demo.  Thanks to the Lions club for hosting it and Kathy for suggesting we participate!.

Lots of pieces from home, and a few from the Glen Echo kiln to show off..

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New elements and nice new pieces

Well, the kiln is now fixed. Fired the first load (which was the one where I found out the elements were broken), and cooked it to death. The pottery was channeling Lawrence Welk – tiny bubbles….

A bit of tweaking and the second load is out – much better. I’ve been playing with the extruder and made some vases and cups using the triangle form, plus my usual medieval jugs and some textured bowls. Pictures below…

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May’s First Firings….

Got a lot of events coming up in the next couple of months, so spent a good deal of time playing in the dirt in advance.  For those of you in the DC area, please drop by my booth at the Mount Airy May Fest on the 16th & 17th (aka next weekend).  I’ll be in booth 110, backing on Mt Airy Pharmacy (the old train depot), catty corner from Knittin’ Chicks.   In honor of the placement (honour for my northern relations…) I’ll have a fair number of yarn bowls, hot out of the kilns…

After that, will be at the Society for Creative Anachronism event hosted by the Barony of Highland Foorde – Highland River Melees, June 6th.  This is always a fun event – and is an open demo.  If you’re not yet an SCA member, drop by and see what the fun is all about.  If you are a member – hope to see you there.  Highland Foorde’s feasts are always fantastic, and this event has never failed to be fun.  I should have some 14th and 15th century Tygs available, and if I get time will make some feast gear sets.

After that, it’s off to Mensa’s Annual Gathering in Pittsburgh.  I’ll be at the marketplace both Friday and Saturday with who knows what?

As for what – here’s the latest…

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March Goodies

It’s been quiet for a while – probably because the weather has been miserable.  Anyhow, here’s the latest batch of goodies from the kiln.  For some reason, the blue rutile sems to go on thin, so it’s more highly varegated than many of the loads, with more of the brown ndertone coming out.  As you can see, all the pieces are pretty big – I was concentrating on the larger mugs & tygs .