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Wild mud weekend…

Been having fun for the last couple of weeks throwing, so have enough for two full firings this weekend.  And since I have to be around anyways, made enough for another firing.   The Pallisades Art show was a lot of fun (a couple of weeks back – I’m tardy on updates), and Megan had a LOT of interest in her weaving demo.  Thanks to the Lions club for hosting it and Kathy for suggesting we participate!.

Lots of pieces from home, and a few from the Glen Echo kiln to show off..

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May’s First Firings….

Got a lot of events coming up in the next couple of months, so spent a good deal of time playing in the dirt in advance.  For those of you in the DC area, please drop by my booth at the Mount Airy May Fest on the 16th & 17th (aka next weekend).  I’ll be in booth 110, backing on Mt Airy Pharmacy (the old train depot), catty corner from Knittin’ Chicks.   In honor of the placement (honour for my northern relations…) I’ll have a fair number of yarn bowls, hot out of the kilns…

After that, will be at the Society for Creative Anachronism event hosted by the Barony of Highland Foorde – Highland River Melees, June 6th.  This is always a fun event – and is an open demo.  If you’re not yet an SCA member, drop by and see what the fun is all about.  If you are a member – hope to see you there.  Highland Foorde’s feasts are always fantastic, and this event has never failed to be fun.  I should have some 14th and 15th century Tygs available, and if I get time will make some feast gear sets.

After that, it’s off to Mensa’s Annual Gathering in Pittsburgh.  I’ll be at the marketplace both Friday and Saturday with who knows what?

As for what – here’s the latest…

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Busy December already…

Well, this weekend was the Glen Echo pottery sale.  As usual, a blast.  67 different potters this year, and Friday night you couldn’t find any space at all in the gym.  As usual, many many wonderous pieces and things I want to try over the next year.   Kathy Darby as well as being a nice person and great potter arranged the whole show and kept everything organized.  Her blue cone 6 pottery is gorgeous, and I’m hoping that one day I can aspire to throw 1/2 as well as she does.  (I know, Kathy… stop typing and start throwing…)  (If you want to find her pieces (not to mention Kathy), the Glen Echo Gallery is a good start – open every weekend from April through mid-January)

Thanks to everyone who bought some of my pieces – it’s opened up some room for me to make more!

Speaking of which, here’s what came out of the Glen Echo kiln this week….  Yes, the yarn bowl is sized for VERY small yarn balls (shrinkage… gotta remember shrinkage).  Most of the rest are teacups – and the woos blue has been coming out stunning with the new kiln.  Need to spend a couple of days down there and throw more stuff – been distracted by having a complete studio at home, and too much work.    The two mugs are ones I did as test pieces for Megan & I to take on the cruise in January (knowing that the cruise line’s idea of large enough mugs is the size of my mini teacups…).


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Whew! Firing done, ready in time for Holiday Faire

Writing this the day after Holiday Faire, which is an annual Society For Creative Anachronism event held in Northern VA.  About 50 different vendors there each year, with medieval-themed items.  Lots of potters this year – Master Eadric as usual put me to shame with his gorgeous pieces

There was also one of my other favorite pros there, Dancing Pig Pottery ( with some wonderful goodies.

So what did I have at the last minute?  A few yarn bowls, some wonderful mugs…

Well, here’s a look-see…

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Yarn Bowls…. or how to bribe your spouse to get extra space in *your* studio

My earlier post talked about the basement redo for Megan’s fiber studio.  Well, this will give me more space in mine – but to get some, I had to agree to pay a bribe.  Since our furry fiends friends all love to play with yarn (Babe also steals roving…), it needs to be protected while in use.  Here’s what I’ve come up with – two styles of bowls, one right side up, one upside down, that hold balls of yarn safely away from prying paws.